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Terms for rental

Terms for rental

Identity must be presented when renting equipment.

The rental price will be charged in advance and the rental reservation will only be considered binding after payment. The renter is obliged to return the rental equipment at the end of the rental period. Late returns will incur an additional charge according to the price list. No refunds will be given for previous refunds or cancellations.

The use of rental equipment is always at the tenant's own risk. The renter is obliged to take care of the rental equipment like a careful person of their own and to exercise special care and caution. The lessee undertakes to use the rental equipment only in the manner intended for it. The condition of the equipment will be checked before rental and upon return. If the renter detects a defect in the equipment, Lapland Outdoor must be notified immediately. The renter undertakes to return the equipment in the condition in which it was when the rental was made and, if necessary, to replace the damaged / lost parts, equipment and tools. We also charge the renter for the cost of repairing the rental product. The renter is responsible for the rental equipment and accessories at their full value until the rental equipment is returned as agreed.

If necessary, the lessee will be instructed in the use of the device.

DISCLAIMER Lapland Outdoor is not liable for any damage to the rental property itself (rental equipment with accessories), its user (personal injury) or third parties directly or indirectly caused by the renter during the rental period and is not liable for any such damage. The lessee is advised to take care of their adequate insurance coverage.