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Pulkas for rent

In our rental shop, you can find carrycots for both hikes and easier transportation of children. For hiking bags, you can choose the reliable Savota Paljakka (total 3 pcs) and Fjellpulken's Transporter with a separate 155-liter stuff bag, as well as the handy little Fjellpulken Xcountry 118 (1 pc) for shorter trips.

Savotan's Muksu (2 pcs) and Fjellpulken's windshield model (3 pcs) are the carriers designed to pull a child on day trips. In addition to a child, the Savotan Muksu also comfortably fits stuff or even a second child, the Fjelpulkens are slightly smaller.

The rental time starts at 9 am and ends at 8 pm. The equipment can be picked up at the start of the rental at our office.

If you cannot pick up the equipment yourself, we can also deliver and pick up the equipment for an additional fee.

Smartum, ePassi and Edenred are also accepted as payment methods.

Rental terms